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LoFo Center is a Lost & Found Total Solution specially crafted for enterprises. Your company can greatly reduce the labor cost to manage customer turned-in lost goods, enhance customer satisfaction, as well as fulfill legal responsibilities.


LoFo is your One-Stop Lost & Found Center that combines data from public government agencies, private enterprises, and individuals. With image-centered browsing style and powerful search, locating your lost good becomes quick and easy.

Bookloud 書窩

Build your personal library and show off your bookcases. Meet nearby friends at Bookloud! Manage your personal books by scanning the barcode. Search for other users’ personal book collections by category, distance, or keywords.


Pawnshop is a solution crafted for Pawnshop owners to list the collaterals that are not redeemed, so that shoppers can browse and shop for them. Also Pawnshop allows owners to manage their pawns and communicate with potential shoppers.


Pawnshopping is platform for shoppers to browse for pawn items like jewelry, purses, electronics from all the pawn shops. Negotiate for a price via in-app messaging and read about the pawn shop’s reviews on Pawnshopping!


Running out of idea on what to say to your loved ones? Love-Quote Dispensing Machine comes to your rescue. Press the button and a new love quote will be revealed. Use the quote to impress your lover!


A one-page unit-exchange tool for travels to do real-time quick currency/unit conversion. Simple interface and design to save travelers time from navigating through UI layers.


The smart phone acts as a cursor to connect the digital and physical
Linkross Lab = Link + Cross + Lab

Using cloud and AI techniques, we link up scattered online/offline information resources and mashup data to create innovative application. We believe in making the world a better place by making unavailable information available to people in a smart, simple way. 4 things we value:
1. Altruism: the act to help others.
2. Responsibility: we're not only responsible to ourselves but to the world as a whole.
3. Honesty: honesty is the best policy.
4. Progress: everyday we make something better than yesterday.


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Founder & CEO
M.B.A from National Taipei University
Sr. Consultant at Asia Think Tank
Sr. Engineer at Industrial Tech Research Institute
Project Manager at Tech Dept of Shin Kong Life Insurance Technology
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Jennifer Lai

Founder & CTO
B.S. in Computer Science at UCLA
M.S. in Computer Science at UCLA

Senior Software Developer at
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C.H. Huang 黃儉華

General Counsel
National Taipei University Department of Law, L.L.M.
University of Hamburg, L.L.M.
Attorney at Chinese International Law Office
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Bryant Chen

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D.Y. Lin

M.S. of Space Science at National Central University
TaTung Communications
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W.T. Hsu 許文藏

V.P. of Retired Police Officers Association
Former Lead of Criminal Investigation Corps.
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David Wang

M.S. of ECE at UC SanDiego
B.S. of EE&CS at UC Berkeley
Avago Technologies Ltd.
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Zoe Liu 劉佩宜

Boston University School of Law, L.L.M

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